Doors closing, what about the windows? The answer below.

Life has been, life--some bad, some good.

Bad: After a year of increasing misery, I broke up with the very unsatisfactory man, and only after found out what a sick, lying pig b----rd he really is! A very close call. Next relationship, if there is one, will be on my terms, no alternatives.

Told the whole story to a good friend here, and have a new sister! Good!

Made a new friend originally from the UK and very sensible and supportive. Makes me laugh, takes me out. Am finally seeing Tel Aviv--good!

Auditioned for the Israeli Opera (they asked me, after all, but wanted a mezzo--not exactly me, but what the heck?) Chazzanut, good, but the required Handel aria--bad! Oh, well.

Last week at Hadassah, my boss came back from a meeting with the big-wigs, to tell me that after the holy days in the fall my job will be eliminated. Bad.

Last night, Cantor and composer Jeff Klepper was at Beit Daniel, visiting at the end of a trip here. For those of you who don't know his work, his work along with Debbie Friedman's, revolutionized and revived Reform and now Conservative liturgical music. Jeff contacted me after he found my blog, and let me know he would be in town. We ended up singing his Shalom Rav and Oseh Shalom together, without rehearsal--the best kind of fun I know, anyway, and a special thrill because it was Jeff Klepper! And we were good. The congregation absolutely loved it, and everyone was very nice after the service, and this morning, too, especially Cantor Freddy. Good!

And finally last night I realized that I need the bima time--it is a kind of hunger that gnaws at me day and night. When I am up there, singing, I am healed and healing, whole. I need to find an accompanist/partner, and make it happen. This must be my main objective (once I have an income, since I like to eat, too!) Truth is always good.

Now off to work on Yom Kippur. I will be the cantor in Jaffo! Good!

Five goods, three bads--the goods win! Nice to know.

Stay in touch, my friends!

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Jeff said...

...without rehearsal? didn't need it! the moment was perfect just as it was; your singing was lovely...
l'hitra'ot, jeff