The Galron Singers

We performed last night at the Cultural Center in Rishon Letzion last night, the longest performance we have made in a while. I still know only about 85% of the words, but the words I know, I understand (mostly!) This time we performed a few songs that we have learned together (as opposed to me trying to catch up.) One was a rock-and-roll medley of songs by Yehudit Ravitz, and a medley of French chansons, that builds up to me singing "La Vie En Rose" to new Hebrew lyrics, very loud. We had to do an encore, which really never is done here, after a performance like this one. It was a great success.

Before the performance we had an hour and a half of that distinctly Israeli experience--singing together, with a pianist, and the words projected on the screen. I only knew a few of these songs, but it was such pleasure to hear an auditorium filled with people singing their heads off, just for fun! One of the few songs I knew was "HaFinjan" which was led by the very elderly man who wrote the words!

Click on the link below, or above this post, and visit Galron's English website (translated by me!) You will be able to hear some of our music, and you can leave a comment for me by picking Members, then clicking on my photo. It would be so so nice to hear your comments! And sign the guest book, too--just be sure to scroll down to see the options (and the scroll bar is on the left, the Hebrew way!)

Chag Sameach!!

We are in full holiday mode here--all the stores are having sales, and people are sprucing up their homes. Mine is still spruced from last year, so I can save my money except for the gifts I will take to my hosts. At least this year I know the customs (bring something for the household--pretty plate, table runner, flowering plant or something else nice) and will have Chag Pesach lunch at the same place I had it last year--Janine and Danny Gelley's. They have kindly invited me so many times that I feel like part of the family. AND Janine always asks me to sing, so this year I will be warmed up and ready with something I haven't sung for them before (don't know what yet, but they are South African, so I can sing in English--good time for Gershwin or Arlen!)

My seder will be at the home of one of the rabbis at Beit Daniel. Typical of all invitations here, he truly was happy that I would be there. Of course, he said something about leading the songs, so I hope I know some! It will be a wonderful to experience a Progressively religious seder here!

I wish you chag sameach, a happy and kosher Passover, and may you liberate yourselves from whatever slavery exists in your lives. And may we all remember those who need freedom, all over the world.

And if you are not one of "my people" happy Spring, healing, growth and happiness!

Well, I call it progress!

Just when I was in despair, thinking that I never will learn to speak this language I love so much, I had a whole conversation in Hebrew last evening after services at Beit Daniel. An elderly man greeted me, and then we spent fully 10 minutes talking about the great composers Lewandowski and Sulzer! What a thrill it was to actually be talking! (I think it helped that I knew the work of these great composers, and the arrangements, and love them as much as this gentleman did.)

And I can talk! Whoo-hoo!